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Free sites let the surfer visit for no money. Our lessons show you how to open one, get visitors, keep visitors and especially how to make income from them.

Lesson #01   Introduction To Free Sites
A free adult site is one where surfers can access the site without paying. Because the site does not require a credit card number to enter, it is a...

Lesson #02   What Exactly is a Free Site?
A free site should not be confused with an adult free-host. A free site means that your visitors access your page and content for free. A free host...

Lesson #03   Making Money With a Free Site
You make money from your free site by selling memberships to affiliated sponsors, and by click-thru traffic. You provide free adult entertainment to...

Lesson #04   Hosting Your Free Site
As stated in previous lessons, a free site is one where the surfer can view the whole of your web without having to pay money. Since you do not make...

Lesson #05   Types of Free Sites
To stress again, a free site does not mean that your page is on a free host. If you build a free site, you will be making a web location where...

Lesson #06   Warning Page
Webmastering a free adult site comes with a certain responsibility. Because your page is free to enter, your page is free to enter. Unfortunately...

Lesson #07   Content For Your Free Site
If you open a free adult site you will naturally need content to offer your visitors. You could throw a bunch of affiliate links on your free site,...

Lesson #08   Updating Your Free Site
Your free adult site is basically a big, virtual commercial for your sponsors or other affiliated interests. What makes a commercial effective is...

Lesson #09   Free Porn Considerations
As an adult webmaster, you’re going to find quite a few of your peers resent the mere presence of free porn sites. Especially since the advent of...

Lesson #10   Choosing The Right Sponsor
If you’ve built a free adult site because of some need to see your name on the web, the camaraderie of your adult online peers or just to share with...

Lesson #11   Website Optimization
Experienced radio deejays can tell whether or not a song will become a best seller from hearing it's first four measures. They will tell you if the...

Lesson #12   Marketing Your Free Site - Part #1
There are conceivably four times as many free adult sites as there are pay ones. Getting yours noticed and acquiring traffic for it is probably four...

Lesson #13   Marketing Your Free Site - Part #2
The Top List is much like the link exchange. You apply the appropriate reciprocal link of banner of the Top List onto a prominent place on your free...

Lesson #14   Living The Free Site Life
You’ve built your free site, put it on the net, submitted it to search engines and marketed it to it’s best advantage. If you did it all right, then...

Lesson #15   Maximizing Your Free Adult Site
Once their first free adult is built the common urge among webmasters is to immediately build another one. It’s important to keep learning and...

Lesson #16   Making Older Sites Work for You
Until there’s a new way to find what one is looking for in cyberspace, search engines will always be vital to the success of any site. A free adult...

Lesson #17   Beyond the Norm
The adult paysite has everything in it. Thousands of static images, full-length adult video, erotica, webcams, spycams, live chat, games and toons...

Lesson #18   The Money Bar
A money bar is basically a four-celled, one-row table containing text and links. Because it’s such a standard form of ad design for so many adult...

Lesson #19   Keep Your Design Clean
We all have our strengths and weaknesses. You will discover yours as you travel on your journey. Nobody is asking you to be a genius webmaster. We...

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