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The pictures, videos and stories on your site are Content. In this curriculum we teach you how to make it or buy it. Get expert content knowledge here.

Lesson #01   Why You Need Content
Content is the stuff of your adult page. The pictures, videos, stories and dirty jokes are content. Sponsor banners, groovy Flash menus and fancy...

Lesson #02   Types of Adult Content - Part #1
Yes, you are free to make your own content. If you are a legal aged, gorgeous woman with knowledge of photography, photo editing, and you have all...

Lesson #03   Types of Adult Content - Part #2
While most people think of dirty pictures when adult content comes to mind, your adult site can have any kind of content you choose. You could buy a...

Lesson #04   Finding Content on Message Boards
Merely shopping for content at their respective websites is a good way to familiarize you with their prices and product quality. Downloading the free...

Lesson #05   CD Content
There are many ways to pay for and obtain content for your adult site. One way is to get that content on CD-ROM. Some content providers will only...

Lesson #06   Downloadable Content
In the rush and hurry world of the Internet an adult webmaster has better things to do with their time than wait two for a content CD to arrive in...

Lesson #07   Free Content
If you are just starting out or have monetary issues, you have a chance to gain content for your site or galleries absolutely free. Free content...

Lesson #08   Plug-In Video Content
Like its name implies, Plug In content is as simple to use as plugging a toaster into a wall outlet. Running a paysite is an awesome task. Shopping...

Lesson #09   Leased Picture Galleries
As you can rent video content, you can also lease image galleries. You can save yourself headache and trouble and lessen bandwidth costs by letting...

Lesson #10   Custom Photography
When shopping around for adult website content, it has probably occurred to you that you might not be the only webmaster who has purchased and...

Lesson #11   Live Video
Things that move have a long running reputation of popularity. Film and television and video games all move and all are multi-billion dollar...

Lesson #12   Online Adult Games
The adult website has great leeway when it comes to the guidelines defining mature content. Games may be something kids love but adults like to play...

Lesson #13   Adult Stores
It's thrilling to realize how simple opening an adult site on the net is compared to opening an adult business in the real world. Brick and mortar...

Lesson #14   Adult Content Prices
Every aspect of your adult site is important to it's success. From your domain registration fee to the advertising spots you purchase, each element...

Lesson #15   Understanding Niche Content
Sex is an activity that takes place under blankets and porn is a blanket term when referring to online adult content. Online porn has more variables...

Lesson #16   Should You Produce Your Own Content?
Any adult webmaster will tell you, content is exceedingly affordable. A person can buy a fully licensed set of 25 or so images for less than twenty...

Lesson #17   Maximizing Free Content!
The truth is most of us don't own paysites. We don’t run graphic design companies. We aren’t content brokers or hosts. The majority of us make our...

Lesson #18   Erotica - Story Content
The word erotica comes from the Greek god Eros who was the son of Aphrodite. Erotica is text that is sexual in nature. Erotica can comprise a...

Lesson #19   Audio Content
The human voice is a powerful thing. It relays emotion and provokes passion. In the search for content to fill your adult site, consider audio. Audio...

Lesson #20   Free Content With Upsell
Content is key. So say the veterans of adult Internet porn. It's true. After all, surfers aren't on your site just to admire the layout. The thing...

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