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If you're a new webmaster in this business, there are a lot of terms used on Adult Internet sites and by webmasters that you need to get familiarized with.

Here is our comprehensive reference guide to the most common adult web jargon! Your very own Adult Webmaster Dictionary!

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When you go through a door, you enter. When you join a club you have membership. Access is another word used to describe the ability to enter a website or open a program. Your paysite customers are given Access to the member area upon signup. When you open Notepad, you have Accessed the program.

An advertisement. On television ads come in the form of commercials, infomercials and product placement. In magazines and newspapers, ads are full pages, small graphics and circulars. On the net, ads can be banners, text links, full-page or pop-ups.

Ad Rotation
Script or Software that serves a different banner and associated link in designated positions every time the banner ad is called.

Ad Space
Ad Space, term originally applied to the printed medium. A printed page has so much space and advertisers are charged a fee to place an ad, according to the size of the ad. On the web, it's pretty much the same deal. One buys ad space that will be presented on a web page. A web ad can be a full-sized banner, a text link, a linked button graphic or even a pop-up console. Webmasters charge prices for ad placement according to size and position on the page.

Ad View
A site like Yahoo is very popular. Lots of advertisers are willing to pay big money to get their ads placed on Yahoo in a prominent position. That position is at the top of the page. Instead of limiting that space to just one sponsor banner, Yahoo uses a script that displays different ads from different companies on a rotating basis. Yahoo sells this space as blocks of ad views. IE: A paid spot on Yahoo is served up a certain number of times. Say, 20,000 views for $500.00. Ad views should not be confused with Ad Impressions, which refers to how many times a user physically clicks on an Internet advertisement. Untitled Page

The location of a website on the world wide web. Usually reffering to the URL.

Adult E-Zines
An e-zine is a magazine for the web. An adult e-zine would be one with erotic stories, sexually oriented articles and dirty pictures. Some adult e-zines are free to browse all the way through. Others have partially free content.

Adult Games
Virtual strip poker. Slider puzzles where the player puts the nudie babe in order. Adult games can be simple or highly stylized. Most adult games are made in Flash format. Most adult game providers lease their content and deliver it from their servers.

Adult Search Engine
A search engine is a website where a user can type a key word or phrase into a form box, click a button and all sites containing that text or phrase will show up on resulting pages. An adult search engine does the same thing but lists adult sites within it's database. Many times, mainstream search engines will not index adult pages. Adult search engines are a great way to get traffic to your site. Go here for a complete listing of Cozy's adult search engines.

Adult Stores
Sometimes referred to as Adult Toy Stores because they sell sex toys. Adult stores feature lotions, videos and inflatable friends just like a brick-and-mortar smut shop. There are many affiliate/sponsor programs where the webmaster can open a virtual adult store without overhead costs. Visit our adult store listings here.

Adult Webmaster or Webmistress
The person who owns and/or operates an adult website. It doesn't have anything to do with experience, you can be new in the adult biz, as long as you operate an adult site, you are considered to be an "Adult Webmaster" or "Adult Webmistress."

A group of images, put together in a sequence so that -when displayed- the image appears to move. The two most common animation formats for the web are the animated GIF and Flash.

Application Program
An Application Program is a software program that requires user input to operate. Microsoft Paint is a paint application. An online shopping cart is an application.

Before the Internet came along, the word avatar used to mean "otherworldly messenger". Now an avatar is a picture graphic used on message boards and chat rooms as an icon for a participant.

AVS (Adult Verification System)
A system was designed to prevent minors from accessing adult sites. AVS services usually also have a large network of sites that adult surfers can access with one password. Sample AVS service: Adult Check, you will find many AVS sites in our Listings.

AVS Site
A site that uses an AVS system. Somewhat of a cross between a FREE and PAY site.

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