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Over the years, our Professor Titmowse has received and answered hundreds of webmaster-related questions. Chances are, if you have a question, Titmowse has written an answer for it! Take a look below and see if your answer is here.

Can't find the A to your Q? Visit and Post in our Cozy Campus Newbie Help Forum!

Newbies & Startup
I find most posters are just there to bullshit and not do business. True?
I want to do it all! Can you give me a little direction?
People are so fake in this biz! What Gives?
Do Big Tits equal Big paysite success? Get implants?
Why do others say I’m an amateur cause I use Free Web Mail?
How do you deal with jerks that refuse to take you seriously?
How much money does it take to open an adult paysite?
Is there really money to be made in online porn?
Where can I make the most money in the fastest time?
How long do I have to work before I start to make money?
Keep my job until there's a future in Online Adult. Am I being too...
I still don't get it! What do surfers want?
I want to open a paysite and everyone tells me I’m a fool?
I am still confused, what exactly is a Resource Site?
How long does it take for an adult webmaster to become successful?
What the hell is TOS?
What the hell is an IPSP?
I can't get any banks to open a merchant account for me?
Is it possible that I'm just not cut out to be an adult webmaster?
What is an FPA?
How do you go about chatting on boards without sounding stupid?
What's the difference between a free site and a gallery?

Sponsors & Profits
Is my sponsor shaving me? Should I email them about this?
What the heck is an FHG?
What are the three best adult sponsors and why?
Why does my sponsor need to know my Social Security number?
I have yet to be paid. It's been over a month. What gives?
What exactly are money bars?
They only pay on the second click! What does he mean?
Can I join one of the paysites of my sponsor and get referral?
Can I use a Model Pic I like from a Sponsor for Pomotion?
Keep getting spam from this sponsor that I don't use anymore?
Are there more and more sponsor programs then ever before?
Why won’t adult sponsors pay me by wire?
What is a Console?
I got a check in the mail from a company I've never heard of?

Content & Niches
What kind of demand is there for this? Nude guitar Player?
What does Twink mean?
Why won’t content providers send me a scan of a model’s ID?
I want to shoot my own content. What’s a good digital camera?
Can you enlighten me about the field of a photographer?
I've seen "petite" model sites. Isn’t that just a code word for CP?
Are Holiday Galleries with an X-Mas Theme bad taste?
Can you tell me where to get adult models?
Is Goth porn a good Niche? Will it make Money?
I snapped crazy pictures at Mardi Gras. Can I use those?
Is it okay to use clip art on my adult site?

Traffic & Marketing
How do you spam Search Engines?
I’m still trying to figure out, what exactly is an SE spider?
What’s the best Search Engine?
Do I need a traffic pump to get traffic to my site?
Why should I care where my surfers come from?
Which style of Counter is better?
What's a unique hit?
What’s the point of having a counter on my site?
What is exit traffic?
Is there a way to advertise my Design Business without Spamming?

Hosting & Domains
What is a Sub Domain?
I can't get into the FTP server for my paid hosting account?
Is Cybersquatting still a big business these days?
I am being charged a fee to park my domain. Is this customary?
Why do I need special software to upload my website?
What the heck is a top-level domain? Isn't a domain a domain?
What I want to know is why do domains expire?
Which is better? FTP or online file manager?
What is virtual hosting? It sounds like fake hosting to me.
Should I goes with an obvious XXX Name or a Fresh Unique name?
The .COM and .NET are already taken! Should I go .ORG?
Where can you buy domains that already exist and have traffic?
How much bandwidth should my TGP’s be using per month?
How long it takes to build and maintain an adult site?

Galleries & Posts
I've tried to make good galleries but can't get listed or make money?
What is a Preferred Submitter? Does it cost any money?
What is the minimum number of video clips per movie gallery?
Why don't they accept my gallery due to a Javascript Rollover?
What's the best Traffic and Thumbnail manager script?
What is a thumb TGP?
A counter? What's wrong with having a counter on my gallery?
How come Gallery Links on some TGPs go to other TGPs?

Web Design
Wrong to buy pre-made templates for gallery building?
Which image format is best? GIF or JPEG?
All my images and graphics are too dark. Why is that?
Site looks great on my PC but not on others?
What’s the difference between a designer and a design broker?
What site should I use as an exit link for my warning page?
Can you recommend a graphic program?

I'm in Canada. Can American lawmakers affect my business?
Who can I contact to find out if what I'm selling online is obscene?
Where can I report a site that has questionable material?
What type of Release Form do I need?
Is it legal to sell used panties on the web?
Do I need a lawyer if I become an adult webmaster?

Software & Scripts
I’m so confused, what does CGI mean?
Sisk and Tired of spyware and spam. What can I do?
Do I really need the latest Browser Software?
Software Tool to keep my tasks and lists in check?
What does Mouseover mean?
Extra Steps to prevent Credit Card Fraud?
What is scumware?
WYSIWYG HTML editor pages looks messed up?
Automatic Rotating Galleries. Are they worth it?

Tech & Hardware
What does Cache mean?
Images are saving as BITMAPS?
What’s the difference between a CD-R disk and a CD-RW disk?
What is WAP?
What is Gbps?
Can I connect my laptop to my desktop through a network?
Can Clearing out my Cache inscrease Browser Speed?

Conventions & Networking
Is the Vegas Show worth my time and money?
Couldn't get into an "exclusive" INTERNEXT party?

WHAT? Forum Posts by Women Get More Attention!
Tell me something about porn I don’t know.
I want to start an adult site for women.
What does "doing it the Cozy way" mean?
I think they have a condom on. Do they?
What don't you know?
Is carpal tunnel syndrome a lot of hooey?

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