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    Your Newbie Gallery Questions Answered!

    By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog | MAR.02.2009
Yes, yes. We know. Submitting galleries to TGPs is old hat. Then again, there are an awful lot of adult webmasters who still do it and make decent money at it. In this article, we'll answer some basic gallery questions and we'll start off with the most basic question of all:

"Gallery submitting is hard, time-intensive work and going about it half-assed won't help you. You have to make galleries over and over and over before you see any real profits."
Q: Why Galleries?

A: Turnaround. Humans are an impatient lot. Adult webmasters are no exception. Thousands of newbies want to make money as fast as possible and there is no faster way to make money than by submitting gallery pages to TGPs and MPGs. You make your gallery. You submit your gallery and within (hopefully) days, you see the financial results of your efforts. In addition, gallery pages are a great way to try out sponsors and niches without having to rebuild everything if they don't don't work out. You can build a MILF gallery one day and a gay gallery the next. With galleries, you aren't cemented to specific types of porn as you would be with free sites or blogs. Galleries are also an excellent way to get a lot of traffic to your page. On a good day, you can receive anywhere up to 100,000 hits in a day. Success in this bushiness is very much tied to traffic. The more traffic, the more money.

Q: Should I put my gallery on a free host?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, the only time you should use a free host is when it is provided by a sponsor and you are promoting that sponsor. Truth is, you probably shouldn't even be doing that. Get your own domain and pay for your own hosting. TGP and MGP site owners will not accept galleries on a free host. Practically nobody accepts anything on a free host. Free hosts imply that you are not taking this thing seriously. Forget about free hosts.

Q: Should I put a traffic counter on my gallery page?

A: No. TGP and MGP site owners hate extra links and scripts and funny business. They want simple pages with thumbnails that link to images and a sponsors only. Think about the answer to the first question. When you pay for your own website hosting, you can refer to your server logs when you want to track your traffic and site visitors. As well, your sponsors will supply you with a user panel where you can track which of your pages perform the best. You don't need a counter and frankly, most counters are nothing but a traffic leak.

Q: What are the best TGPs and MGPs to submit to?

A: There is no best. You submit to as many TGPs and MGPs as you can and figure out the ones that are most productive after the fact. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of TGPs and MGPs. Some are busier than others but that doesn't mean the busy ones will serve you any better than the less busy ones. If The Hun accepts your gallery and you end up making squat after 80,000 hits, you're going to wish you had depended on more than just one TGP.

Q: Should I use Submission Software?

A: Yes and no. Submission software is tricky. Many TGP and MGP site owners hate that shit and consider software-submitted pages nothing more than spam. Webmasters who successfully use such software build their own databases of sites to submit to, meaning that they already have relationships with the TGP and MGP owners in their databases. If you're a newbie, we suggest staying away from submission software until you figure out what you're doing and have a good deal of credibility under your belt.

Untitled Page

Q: Should I apply for partner Accounts?

A: Absolutely. In fact, most established TGPs and MGPs have stopped accepting submissions without partner accounts altogether. These site owners have been burned by too many stranger webmasters and they simply don't put up with the bullshit anymore. The hard part is finding TGPs and MGPs who offer free partner accounts. Free accounts are becoming a rarity but they are out there. As a newbie, you're probably strapped for cash and it is best to look for free partner accounts. After you've had some success, then you can pay for partner accounts.

Q: When should I take my gallery down?

A: Never. Always keep your gallery online and do not change it. TGPs and MGPs archive past links and the site owners get pissed as hell when webmasters change galleries after a certain amount of time.

Q: What is the best formula for making a gallery?

A: There is no best. There is only what works. You won't know what works until you try. Not to mention the fact that you're going to have to build the same gallery several different ways in order to follow the rules of the TGPs and MGPs that you submit to. Most of them want no more than three reciprocal links to other TGPs/MGPs (three ­ including their own). So you're going to have to create more than one gallery page to suit the recip-link rules of several site owners. Many TGP/MPG sites set minimums and maximums on the number of thumbnails and video clips and of course, each TGP/MGP states unique rules that don't match up with the others.

These are but a few answers to the many questions newbies ask when it comes to gallery submitting. Granted, there are hundreds of more questions and we will get to those in other articles. As you can see from the answers, gallery submitting is hard, time-intensive work and going about it half-assed won't help you. You have to make galleries over and over and over before you see any real profits. The turnaround may be quicker than other adult webmaster efforts but it is not an easy process.

By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog
Titmowse has a special lily pad as the head writer for CozyFrog and it's family of webmaster resources. She also writes text content for several websites and is the owner of her very own MowseBytes Newsletter.

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