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    Let’s Spend Some Money! - Part #3

    By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog | FEB.02.2004
** Continued From: Let's Spend Some Money! - Part #2

This is the final installment in my series on cautious spending for new adult site owners. In parts one and two, I showed you how you can register a domain name and secure virtual web hosting for as little as the price of dinner and a movie.

"After a point, you begin to comprehend the limitations inherent in free hosting and free content."
We at Cozy like to stress that a new adult webmaster should save their pennies and learn this business before they invest any cash. You absolutely have to experiment with sites and sponsors and traffic in order to understand they way things play out in this industry. Of course there’s gobs of great information and tutorials available but when it comes down to it, you gotta walk through the fire to get to the other side. After a point, you begin to comprehend the limitations inherent in free hosting and free content. That comprehension can’t be taught. It must be learned through application.

Eventually you do learn. You discover who your surfers are. You see which sites and programs work for your talents. You know what you’re good at and you know you’ve grown beyond the level of free-host and free content user. You’re ready to become an adult site owner.

After you get your shiny new domain name and pay for a sweet little virtual host account, you’re going to need some content. After all, your surfers aren’t coming to your page just to be nice. They want porn and it’s your job to supply it.

This is a great time to be a buyer. Adult content is more economical than ever. For whatever reason, content providers are slashing prices and making crazy deals. One can purchase image sets with hundreds of pics for insane prices. For a couple of hundred dollars you can fill a site or create enough galleries to take you well into next year. Adult content providers have gone mad with prices and you get to reap the benefit of their insanity.

Whatever the niche, whatever the type of content you need to stock, you’ll likely find it for next to nothing. Granted, discount content is not exclusive. Most of the discount stuff is made to be sold to more that one webmaster. At some point you’ll probably want to pay the higher price for exclusive content, but this isn’t that point. This is content buying for the new adult site owner. This is the content you can buy without blowing your wad:

Untitled Page

This company has always been known for offering quality images at rock-bottom prices since 1998! They offer a variety of pictures sets featuring amateurs, pros, anime, toons, erotic stories and more! Make sure to browse their super special limited time offers. Their unique instant-buy-download system makes shopping for content a breeze!

Content Blowout
A variety of super blowout packages at some amazing prices! A wide variety of niches, packages include video and stills.

Bargain Basement Content
As the domain name tells you, the content here is available at bargain basement prices. What you may not know is this content is from noted glamour photographer Paul Markham. Aside from killer models and killer deals, Markham is donating a percentage of money made from new customers to the IMPA.

Jact Content
Content shop featuring high quality downloadable adult content. Hundreds of affordable picture sets in a wide range of categories.

As with any content purchase, make sure to read the licensing terms set by the provider. Most limit the number of sites on which you can display their work. Don’t forget to download, print out, fill in and mail off the license agreements. That paperwork is your proof of purchase and your protection.

Take heart new site owner. You’re on your way. You’ve got the name, you’ve got the place and now you’ve got the goods!

By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog
Titmowse has a special lily pad as the head writer for CozyFrog and it's family of webmaster resources. She also writes text content for several websites and is the owner of her very own MowseBytes Newsletter.

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