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    Free Site No No’s!

    By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog | FEB.16.2004
The best thing about being an adult webmaster is control. You are in control of your page. You are in control of your design, theme and content. If you want to create a site that is centered on hot babes eating hamburgers, then that’s your right. If you want to make your hamburger-eating babe page free to view, that’s your privilege as well. It’s your site. You can do anything you want with your free site as long as you stay within the legal limits of the law.

"While it's all fine and good to nurture your surfers, it's financial suicide to completely indulge their lust with an ad-free page."
However, if you want to make money with your free adult site, you have to design your page with marketing in mind. You have to make a free site that is both attractive to surfers but isn’t so attractive that those surfers neglect to click your ads. You want to build a free adult site that will garner traffic and garner sales. You want to operate a free site that makes a profit. It’s great to be a free site owner because you have control over every detail of your web. It’s even better when you run a free site where you have control over the money you make.

The best way to gain control over your profits is by avoiding the common mistakes made by free adult site operators. Anyone can run a free porn page but it takes a special webmaster to make dollars from one. Here are some free-site no no’s you should avoid:

    Excessive PhotoShopping

Yes you want to make your free site attractive. Yes you want to create a page with design elements that enhance your visitor’s surfing experience. What you don’t want to do is go overboard with the graphics. Remember that porn surfers are an impatient bunch. If a page takes too long to load, then a visitor will leave. Graphic images like your logo and cute, little menu buttons add to your page’s load time. That 3D effect you’ve applied to all your graphics might look cool but might also take forever to download. A site logo should never be more than 20 kilobytes in size and is probably best if it’s less than ten kilobytes. A little menu button should be no bigger than five kilobytes.

Design is important but your surfers don’t come to your page for the design. They come for the porn.

    Too Much Free Stuff

Let’s face it, surfers are humans and humans are greedy little pigs. If you offer surfers something for free, they will take it and take it and take it. If you give your surfer the chance to download a full-length hardcore video for free, they will. Your surfers will view/download as much smut on your site as you’re willing to give away. Your job is to figure how much is too much.

When a porn surfer goes looking for porn, they usually are looking for just enough imagery to bring them to orgasm. Will your surfer bust a nut from your free content? If you give away too much of the good stuff, then why on earth would a surfer want to pay for the sites advertised in your banners? You have to use free content as a tease. You have to make the surfer want more and you have to make them want to pay to get more. Don’t give surfers your very best images. Don’t give them the hardcore money shots or the full-length videos.

    Wasted Page Space

There are positions on a web page that a surfer automatically looks at first. According to studies, most people look at a web page this way: Top, then middle right, then lower left. If you want to sell the services and products of your sponsors, then these positions are where you should place your text and banner ads. Forget aesthetics. Put the ads where the surfers will see them. Don’t hide advertising at the bottom. Make sure that your surfer has to view your banners and text links before they view your goodies.

    Fear of Advertising

Nobody likes an ad-heavy banner farm. Nobody likes excessive popups, browser hijacks or auto-downloading dialers. When it comes to advertising, many adult webmasters are guilty of overkill. On the other hand, there are free site operators who never make any money because they’re afraid to put advertising on their pages. These operators have too much sympathy for their surfers. While it’s all fine and good to nurture your surfers, it’s financial suicide to completely indulge their lust with an ad-free page.

Untitled Page

Don’t be afraid to make a surfer view a full-page ad before they get to download that hot video clip. Don’t think that a sponsor text link will ruin the experience for the surfer looking at a full-size image. This is your site. You’re not making a TGP gallery. If you want to sell porn, then you’ve got to hit your surfer in the face with advertising.

If you list galleries, redirect the occasional one to a sponsor tour. If you host a collection of killer images, there’s no reason you can’t place each of those images on it’s own HTML page with a sponsor text banner at the top and bottom. If your site has a warning page, then link the ENTER button to a full-page ad so the surfer has to read that ad before they can enter your site. If a surfer leaves your site, one little exit popup ad window won’t kill them.

    Nothing Makes Sense

An adult site without a theme is just a big clusterfuck. Even if your theme is something generalized like HARCORE PORN, your free site still needs some kind of continuity and personality. If you feature images of bikini babes, then categorize those babes by hair color or ethnicity. Give the site a name that suggests hot babes in teeny bikinis. Use colors that complement the content. A bondage site probably won’t look terribly dangerous if it’s colored with pink and lilac. By that same token a coed cutie page won't look as cute with a black background and red text. Give your page a cyber host or write text that suggests this free page is your collection of porn. Humanize your site. Give it character. Make it something people will remember.

It is possible to make a good living by selling porn via a free adult site. There are plenty of adult webmasters who do so every day. The do it by creating a site that markets to the surfer with a combination of fast loading pages, a reasonable amount of sample imagery, effect ad placement and a continuous theme. If you do it right and avoid all the free site no no’s, you too will be saying yes to profits!

By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog
Titmowse has a special lily pad as the head writer for CozyFrog and it's family of webmaster resources. She also writes text content for several websites and is the owner of her very own MowseBytes Newsletter.

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