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    Don’t Suffocate! Innovate!

    By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog | OCT.04.2003
This business is getting pretty crowded. Are you finding it hard to breathe?

If you’re a newbie adult webmaster, there are thousands and thousands just like you, vying for the attention of established webmasters, traffic traders and surfers. If you’re a veteran Internet pornographer you face upstart newbies, cheating bastards, clever peers and huge, established program owners who would love nothing more than to see you disappear. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get ahead of the counteraction. You try a new niche. You build a new template. You buy ads. Nothing is producing results.

"Maybe you need to stop selling sex to surfers and start selling innovation to adult webmasters."
Maybe the problem isn’t you this time. Maybe the problem is your product. Maybe you need to stop selling sex to surfers and start selling innovation to adult webmasters.

I’ve written before about adult Internet specialization. The adult web is huge and needs a lot of upkeep. There are so many adult webmasters today who are working harder than ever before. A good portion of these webmasters labor solo or in associations of less than five. They are finding it difficult to make it as ordinary online smut mongers. It’s still possible to make money the old-fashioned way, via submitting galleries, creating AVS and free sites. One can still generate the moola by throwing up a porn paysite. Nonetheless, the road to success gets bumpier with each new porn site and/or webmaster. Adult Internet specialization is one way to gain an advantage in this crazy biz.

Instead of building yet another adult website, why not invent a new adult Internet service or resource? Instead of fighting for the attention of fickle porn searchers, why not get the attention of serious adult business owners? If you have an idea that would better aid those already making money, then why waste time with the whims of the common pr0n fiend?

Adult webmasters are a market unto themselves. They buy scripts, content, hosting and templates. They need services and software. They need places and people to turn who can perform tasks for a reasonable price. If you’ve been thinking of a novel approach, think of an innovative way to approach adult webmasters.

Recently I got hip to two new innovators in the adult Internet. Both have other interests. Both are veteran porn webmasters. Both have created a new product that assists professional perverts instead of amateur surfers:

Traffic Banking

Imagine you’re in the planning stages of a new adult website. You know the theme. You’ve got the design all mapped out. You’re building the HTML and perfecting the code. You’ve got a couple on content shops in mind. You’re on track except for one thing. From where are you going to get traffic for your new site?

Enter Traffic Banking. Buying traffic is nothing new. But investing your own existing traffic so that you may withdraw it at a later date is an innovation.

With Traffic Banking you can deposit a specified amount of 404 traffic from a website you already run. When you get done with your new project, all you have to do is withdraw the traffic you have stored with TB and blammo, instant traffic for your new adult venture!

Untitled Page

The Traffic Banking service uses custom-made scripts and advanced memory management to protect your traffic. They implement exclusive fraud-detection methods and promise to cancel any cheaters. The folks behind TB are respected members of the adult Internet, namely, Bake of


Everybody loves a cool Internet doodad, even porn visitors. Doug Haynes of Devilspost.Com has created a very cool Internet doodad that you can use on your adult website!

Doug has created a sweet skin that works in conjunction with Windows Media/Movie Player. A skin is a set of graphics that change the way a program window -such as the Windows Media/Movie Player- looks. Skinning is fun and highly popular with millions of web fans. You can order his basic player (it’s a transparent cartoon devil) for as little as $100.00 or you can commission a special player that comes complete with your graphics and your specs.

With the Videolator the site owner can offer his/her audience a free skin or simply stream their site’s movies through a personalized window. One can pre-load the player with chosen clips. A clever site owner could imagine of all kinds of ways to use a feature like Videolator. The player will display ad links and banners if so desired. It can be used as a branding tool. Give Doug the directions and he can make your Videolator do just about anything!

As brilliant as these two services are, they can’t possibly be the only two variants on the themes of Innovation and adult Internet specialization.

Surely one or ten of you have a plan for something that’s both needed and yet unavailable to adult webmasters. Why not bring that plan to fruition? Try stepping off the sex train and walk the path that leads to a solvent, paying market. Stop suffocating! Internet pornographers have needs and your next job could be fulfilling them!

By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog
Titmowse has a special lily pad as the head writer for CozyFrog and it's family of webmaster resources. She also writes text content for several websites and is the owner of her very own MowseBytes Newsletter.

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