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    Ready for a Site Review?

    By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog | MAR.02.2005
Nobody likes criticism. We all want to be right and perfect and in our own minds, we usually are.

"When you open your site to a critique from the members of your profession, expect just that."
You’re a new adult webmaster. You toiled for weeks on your very first porn page. Maybe you already knew a little HTML. Maybe you found out how to get an affiliate ID from a sponsor. You went as far as to register a domain and pony up the bucks for some hosting. You chunked out the change for a few image sets. You spent days-creating graphics that color-coordinate with your self-made logo. You had a theme, a dream and a layout scheme. It took you longer than you expected. You faced obstacles in your path but you found your way around them and you did it. You finished your first adult website.

Be proud. Give yourself a pat on your back. Remember that there are tens of thousands who think about becoming an Internet smutmaster but never try. You at least took the most necessary step toward a future in this business. You made a porn site. Kudos!

While nobody likes criticism, most of us have sense enough to know that self-assessment lacks objectivity. We realize that analysis of our work by others is necessary. We need an outside opinion. We’re trying to make surfers buy stuff. We’re trying to make money. So we turn to our peers and ask for a review.

You want other adult webmasters to critique your new site. Where do you go for a review? What kind of comments should you expect to receive? Will the experience help you? Why have your site critiqued at all?


That’s easy. If you want to have your new adult site or gallery reviewed by people from this industry, Cozy Campus has a place just for you! Our Cozy Critics Forum is specifically dedicated to adult webmasters that want opinions on their new pages, galleries, layouts or ideas.

You don’t have to have a high post count. You don’t have to be a veteran pornographer. There’s no secret club to join. All you have to do is become a member of Campus and show us your site on Cozy Critics! There will always be someone there to take a look at your creation and give you a proper analysis. All for you. All for free.


I’ve read hundreds of "Review My Site" threads over the years. I’ve seen replies that ranged from inexplicably contributive to painfully honest. When you ask other adult webmasters to judge your page, they will. You want an impartial opinion? You’ll get it. If you’re not ready to hear that your new baby is less than perfect, don’t ask. When you open your site to a critique from the members of your profession, expect just that.


Will a site review help you be a better webmaster so you can make more money? Yes.

Untitled Page

We may be lowly pornographers but we’re also the net’s most consistent moneymakers. Practically every successful marketing method on the web comes from techniques perfected by Internet smutmongers. This whole cyber selling thing is still relatively new and while the mainstream world is busy with stats and studies, adult webmasters are out there paving the path that academia and Madison Avenue will have to follow. We know what sells - Period!


Why go through the torture? From what I’ve described, a site review sounds like an awful trial.

The thing is, if you pay attention and keep your cool you’re going to receive indescribably valuable information. We know you worked your ass off to make your very first page. We’ve been there. We know you’re proud and you’re going to be mighty disappointed when someone tells you that your site won’t sell porn. We’ve been there as well. Most of us had to completely redo our first pages. Most of us were tried in the court of adult webmaster opinion.

You could forget the site review and go it alone. The question you should ask yourself is, when you open your site to the world, will anyone buy? How much are you willing to forgo in operating costs while you wait for the traffic and signups to come? How much money have you spent already? How much time? Wouldn’t it be wise to know if the ship will sail before you launch?

Think of a site review as a rite of passage.If you perform the process, you will mature. If you listen and heed the advice, you will grow.

Don’t be scared. Come to the Critics Forum at Cozy Campus. We’ll look at your page and give you real suggestions and advice. Cruelty is not allowed. We built our board because we respect the fact that you are brave enough to try this exciting profession. You deserve to learn as much as anybody and you deserve to be Cozy!

By Titmowse | Writer @ CozyFrog
Titmowse has a special lily pad as the head writer for CozyFrog and it's family of webmaster resources. She also writes text content for several websites and is the owner of her very own MowseBytes Newsletter.

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