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This special cozy area consists of interesting articles, information and resource links that simply don't particularly fit into any of our other help guides.

Our General Guide is just as interesting as our other help guides, featuring useful info and insights on various subjects including the online adult business. We hope it serves you and your business well!

New Exclusive Articles

Start the New Year with a Plan!
"Here we are. The first decade of the new Millenium is over. While the predictions of the Y2K fear-brigade never came to pass, it would be a lie to claim that our industry is entering..."

State of Shock!
"It really doesn't matter that the doom sayers were predicting a world-wide economic downfall for years. It's always a shock when the crash hits you personally. I've felt the crash...."

Trust and Consequences!
"The truth is whether you're a one-person business or employ a team you will have to deal with people. Nobody gets along completely alone. Eventually you will have to trust someone...."

Green It Up!
"How does the Adult Webmaster go Green? The same way as everyone else does. Go green personally. People in our profession spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet ­ thus..."

Discover the New Cozy Frog 5.0!
"Our Daily Industry News is updated with the latest Press Releases and Online Adult Business annoucements. The new format is Cozier than ever! The same goes for our Help Guides and..."

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No Cozy help guide would be complete without some related quick links and reference points to help you in your online adult journey.

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