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Just in case you don’t know, running an adult website is a business. Sex has rules and so does business. Many of us come into this field with little or no knowledge concerning the basic etiquette and ethics of the business world. Maybe you know HTML and you know porn, but do you know how to run a business?

This Help Guide is a mini-clearinghouse of knowledge about business models and practices. How will you file your taxes? Should you incorporate or should you be an independent contractor? How will you keep inventory on your content stock? If you sell products, how will you invoice your customers? Do you need to hire someone to handle your customer service needs?

An adult website may not be a physical place but the business of running one is very real. Look to this guide when you want to research and master the business end of online porn. If you’re not making money by selling the world’s oldest product or simply want to sharpen up your online adult business skills - This updated cozy guide has exactly what you need.

New Exclusive Articles

What Will Internet Surfers Pay For?
"The adult Internet adopted and developed the right techniques for the medium. For example, the Thumbnail Gallery Post was a perfect compilation of traffic generation, passive..."

Today's Porn Surfer: WTF Do They Want?
"Look around, adult webmasters. Free porn is everywhere. The golden age of Internet smut is dead and buried. Anybody who wants to find images and video of people fucking can find it and..."

The Challenge for Today's Adult Webmaster!
"This is an incredibly challenging time to be an adult webmaster. It’s lazy to blame our troubles solely on the current economy. People have less money that they did just a couple of..."

Where Do We Go From Here?
"I don’t know about you but my last year was pretty damned lousy. Actually, I do know about you because you and I are in the same business and business has not been good. I suppose I..."

The Ever-Evolving Porn Surfer
"I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to have my remains turned to crude by the layers of other people’s innovation. The technology isn’t the only thing that has passed us by...."

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