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The main reason why just about anyone gets into the adult business is to make some money. LOTS of money is just about everyone's dream. How do you generate income from your adult site? This cozy help guide is all about trying to answer that question.

Trying to make money with your site is always a struggle, you need to stay informed on new ways of profiting with your site. Read through our helpful articles on generating cash flow with your adult site and check out our listings filled with sponsors and cash programs that can help you make some real bucks!

New Exclusive Articles

Passive Revenue: Old Pages Never Die!
"You open up your mailbox - the real one - and amongst the regular assortment of bills, junk and more bills you find an unremarkable envelope, addressed to you. You’re a little hesitant..."

Mainstream Sponsors: Why Not?
"About a year ago, one of my porn sponsors announced that they had partnered with a mainstream company that sells a tangible product. I thought the product sounded absolutely incredible..."

7 Sponsor Sales Tools!
"When was the last time your visited your sponsor’s affiliate section for anything other than checking your stats? If it’s been too long then it’s time to log in and take a good look..."

Saying Goodbye to the Ladies!
"It was during my research that I realized I had been fooling myself. I had an epiphany. "Porn for Women" is a myth. Before you gals out there get pissed, let me explain... I am in no..."

Talk to your Sponsor!
"Pardon me while I have an old fogey moment. The problem with this darned Internet is that you young people have lost the ability to appreciate the value of true contact. It's not that..."

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