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Check out our help guides filled with articles, interviews, resources, exclusives, helpful links and lots more for new and experienced adult webmasters. 823 exclusive articles and help guides inside!

Cozy Articles & Help Guides
Startup Tutor
The basics of the adult Internet biz! Everyone has to start somewhere and a lot of us have to start at the beginning. Are you new to the adult net or new to making webpages? Relax. This is your guide.
Better Business
Maybe you don't know so much about business. You'll know a lot more when you use this guide. From ethics to outsourcing, all that is business-related is listed here. Make yours last longer. Run it right!
Sponsors & Money
Where is the money? Who pays you? Sure, sponsors make you money but there's much more to know than that. What's hot? What's not? Which sponsor is right and how does it all work? Here's your guide.
Content & Niches
You wouldn't fill a store with merchandise you know nothing about. Your adult content is your merchandise. Static images? Leased feeds or free? Search is over. Licensed porn. Make it. Find it. Buy it!
Traffic & Marketing
Website Promotion amd Marketing! You've tried and tried and still no traffic. You're not a failure. You just need the right guide. Tips, tricks, links and tutorials. Research this guide and start your traffic.
Legal Help
If you're going to do it. Do it right. Know the laws. Find the experts. Keep up with government regulations regarding adult content. It's very important to keep your site legal and safe.
Hosting Helper
Should you pay for hosting or use free hosting? Do you want a virtual host or a dedicated one? What are the costs and pitfalls? Domains? It all matters! You gotta have a host so we built a guide.
Web Design
There's an art to site design. If you're a fledgling web designer then you'll love our Cozy Primers/Tools. Find great articles, links, design tools, cozy help and tutorials for all skill levels.
Code Professor
Web authoring and Programming, it all boils down to code. Learn to fix problems before calling a programmer. Find out the difference between PHP and CGI. Help yourself with our Help Guide.
Techno Babble
Hardware and software explained! All this geek speak can be intimidating. Understand the technical side by reading our guide. Simple computer maintenance or complicated procedures. We got that.
Convention Guide
Webmaster events. We got the goods! It helps to be where the players are. Articles related to adult conventions and gatherings. Get to know your peers with our Cozy Convention Guide.
General Guide
General help for almost any subject. How to approach your peers. Where to learn about stuff that defies categorization. We've put it all in one great Help Guide. This is stuff you Need to know!

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