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    Major Changes To Start off 2011 from CASHONCLICK.COM

    Courtesy of Andy R. - CashOnClick | JAN.06.2011
As we welcome in 2011, we'd like to start off with the huge announcement in that we are now under new management.

As of January 1, 2011, Andy Ridley, the current Program Manager for CashOnClick, will take the position of new Co-Managing Director in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of CashOnClick.

Andy has over a decade of experience in the adult business, with a strong background in affiliate management and customer service, and since starting with CashOnClick in early 2010, Andy has stabilized the program and worked very hard at re-establishing COC with its current affiliates.

Joining Andy as Co-Managing Director will be Joe Gekko. Joe has nearly 20 years experience in management and finance. Between Andy and Joe, you can now expect to see a top quality performing program with substantial improvements in design, content management and webmaster tools as well as faster and consistent on-time payments.

Taylor Rain and all other previous management of CashOnClick have left the program and moved onto other projects and we wish them well. We’d like to thank Taylor Rain especially for helping to brand COC into a major program since its start in 2005. The new management of CashOnClick are online affiliate specialists. This is our business and we will be doing what we do best. The previous management had limited experience in the affiliate management business and were more geared towards production, so now that affiliate specialists are in total control of COC we expect you to see noticeable results and changes very, very quickly.

In 2011 Andy plans on expanding his focus to attracting new, big affiliates interested in big commissions, weekly payouts, and guaranteed on-time delivery of payments. To further make COC attractive to the affiliate base, Andy is implementing new sites, and new webmaster tools that will begin rolling out this month. For his part, Joe will be focusing on making more payment options available to you and most importantly Joe will be guaranteeing on-time fast payments on all accounts. Secondly, we'd like to announce the major program changes to take place starting January 1, 2011.

Untitled Page

1. We are implementing an escalating PPS programs based on joins in a period, affiliates can earn up to $40 PPS or 75% lifetime RevShare.

2. We are implementing incentives for affiliates regarding faster payouts. Instead of receiving payments once a month, you can qualify to receive payments weekly.

3. Each period, affiliates can earn bonuses based on number of joins.

4. We've added Paxum and Payoneer as new payment options

WEBMASTER TOOLS: We are putting the finishing touches on a major revamp of our webmaster tools. New banners, FHG's, FLV's, free downloadable content, auto generators and more.

ESCALATING PPS: We now offer multiple programs for affiliates to maximize profit based on your target audience. We have 30 day join options where you can earn $30PPS and we have 60 day join options earning you $40PPS.

PAYOUT INCENTIVES: Most programs payout bi-weekly or even once a month. With a qualifying account you can receive your payments weekly from CashOnClick. If you earn over $100 in commissions in a weeks period and your refunds/chargebacks do not exceed 10% total during that period, then you will be paid weekly. If you're unable to reach the commission threshold for weekly payouts, or your refunds/chargebacks exceed the 10% plateau, then your commissions will be paid out bi-weekly on the 1st and 16th of each month.

BONUSES: Any affiliate who sends 10 net joins per week will receive a bonus of $1 per join, for 25 net joins per week affiliates will receive a bonus of $2 per join. Affiliates sending 50 net joins per week will receive a bonus of $4 per join. For larger affiliates sending 100 net joins per week, you will receive a $7 per join bonus. Also, each month we will announce the top three performing affiliates. The top three will receive gifts each month, ranging from iPads to Android phones to cash.

PAYMENT METHODS: You can receive your payouts via Check, Paxum, Payoneer or Western Union. Please note that we will not charge any fees for any payout methods except for Western Union. If you choose Western Union the fees for sending the payment will be deducted from your payout.

NEW SITES and REDESIGNS: We are working on several new sites, including an all Tattoo site, a hardcore amateur site and a mega DVD/VOD site that will offer over 1,000 DVD's and adding 5 per day. Plus we're also putting the finishing touches on a massive Live Video Chat site.

If you have any questions about our program, please contact either Andy or Joe at the following email addresses: or

If you have an existing account with CashOnClick and have questions about your account please email Balance or Payment inquiries to new or existing account please direct your inquiries to

Happy New Year to everyone!!! Lets make this an amazing and profitable year. For those of you who have stuck by CashOnClick during our transition in 2010, thank you!!! For those of you who have not tried us yet, please consider us now, because moving forward we have a solid plan with great sites, great webmaster tools and a very aggressive payment/payout plan!

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