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    Audionet Experience Launches Erotic Audio Marketplace

    Courtesy of Robert Cumbers - Audionet Experience | JAN.16.2011
CHICAGO, IL - Adult entertainment firm, Audionet Experience has launched, a new and unique online marketplace to buy and sell erotic audio material.

"Creating quality erotic audio stories takes a great deal of time, talent and creativity, said company spokesperson Bob Cumbers. "We believe that adult voice artists should be afforded the same opportunities to sell their work without the content restrictions imposed by iTunes and Amazon. Our voices will never have to worry that there material will suddenly disappear due to surprise content policy revisions."

Untitled Page

The voice talent completely controls the listing of their material including the price, preview, summary and genre categories. "We simply offer a place where these talented individuals can get their material in front of customers.", said Cumbers. "Each voice gets a comprehensive profile page which gives potential customers a glimpse of who they are buying from."

Similar to the iTunes model, voice artists who sell with Hot Talking receive between 55% and 75% of the sales price of an item, which typically ranges between $1.29 and $3.00. Additionally, payouts are made at the beginning of each month regardless of the individuals account balance. Hot Talking charges no fees for selling with them, which means voices can sell as many stories as they wish.

The site is designed to give potential customers easy access to whatever type of story they are interested in. Each listing is categorized into one or more of the 25 genres currently available. Also, customers can refer to the Hot Talking "Heat Index" which provide information as to how sensual or raunchy the story may be.

Another aspect of that people may appreciate: The site offers customers the ability to request custom stories to be performed by their favorite voice artist.

"We expect the market for erotic audio material to continue to grow well into the future and all of us here at Audionet Experience are in a great position to give the people what they want", said Cumbers. "We will continue to innovate and provide the customer top quality entertainment."

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