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    Courtesy of BootyTag - BootyTag | MAY.12.2011
( COLUMBUS, OH ) - Leading Adult Classified Directory has gone to great measures to ensure that posted content is in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Using existing security measures, a multi-layered user agreements and strong community policing tools, maintains the strongest possible security coupled with the freedom for adults to post adult classified ads.

From its inception, has considered safety and legality its utmost concerns. Every user who wishes to post an ad is immediately directed to a Terms & Services agreement which strictly prohibits any posting of ads that violate local, state or federal laws. After agreeing to the T&S;, users are given explicit instructions as to the types of services that are prohibited. They must agree to these terms as well before their ad is posted to the site.

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"We take these issues very seriously," says BootyTag’s CEO. "There are explicit rules for posters. They must not solicit; they may not list pricing or talk about fifteen minute massages. These are things we have never allowed. Our site was designed to stay within the constraints of the law and we have a number of mechanisms in place to help us clean up inappropriate or illegal posts."

Every post on is monitored by members of the community and can be flagged as inappropriate. Users may report ads for being mis-categorized, prohibited or spam. Enough reports from users and an ad is automatically removed by the site and can only be reinstated after being investigated.

BootyTag’s CEO is proud of the measures they have taken to keep the site safe and within legal limits. "We are an adult classified directory. We publish adult content for adults. We are constantly evolving and fix issues as they are brought to our attention. This is a free speech issue. It is a shame when a bad apple ruins the whole bunch, but we have a First Amendment right to do what we do. When we lose the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution as promised by our forefathers, we lose the very best of America."

With a series of security measures designed to weed out bad posts, keep users safe and comply with all local laws, continues to outshine the competition and remains the leading adult classified directory on the web.

For more on please visit their website, also you can follow them on Twitter

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